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Closing concert of the Montreal Bach Festival 2015It seems fitting that two of the sacred masterworks dedicated to the Virgin Mary by Bach and Kuhnau should be performed for the first time by Arion Baroque Orchestra in such a grand setting as...

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Beyond the Four Seasons

Nature in its various manifestations and through its impact on human activity at once fascinated and inspired that great Venetian conjurer, Vivaldi. Apart from the famous Seasons, storms, birds, frost, the hunt, and rustic revelry can be found in a...

Friday, October 09, 2015 to Sunday, October 11, 2015


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Arion Baroque Orchestra – Opening Concert of the Montreal Series

A Colorful Season

Beyond the Four Seasons



Are you 35 years old or under? Would you like the opportunity to meet Arion artists and a renowned guest conductor?

This will be done on October 9! On the menu: a friendly cocktail and an unprecedented backstage access before the...

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First Concert of Arion’s Croque-Baroque Series 2015-2016

Celebrate the Musical Colours

Flutes and Company!

September 18, 2015

at Gallery Gora



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Will Driving West ''THIEVES''

Abel Cello Sonata in G - Elinor Frey, violoncello piccolo Geneviève Soly, harpsichord

Elinor Frey - Introduction to 5-string cello concert, Salle Bourgie, Montréal

Clip - Guided By Voices - Scott Godin