Telemann Concertos and Ouverture

Vincent Lauzer, Recorder, Mathieu Lussier, Bassoon and conductor and Alexander Weimann, conductor

Vivaldi concertos for recorder

Vincent Lauzer, recorder and Alexander Weimann, harpsichord and conductor

REBELLES BAROQUES - Quantz & Telemann concerti

Alexander Weimann, Harpsichord and direction, Claire Guimond and Alexa Raine-Wright, flutes, and Jean-Louis Blouin, viola

BACH: Magnificat BWV 243 (2016)

Alexander Weimann, Organ and direction, Johanna Winkel and Johannette Zomer, sopranos, James Laing, Countertenor, Zachary Wilder, tenor and Matthew Brook, bass baritone

Les trésors cachés d'Italie (2014)

Stefano Montanari, guest conductor Winner of an Opus Prize (2015)

Prima Donna (2012)

Karina Gauvin, soprano Alexander Weimann, guest conductor Winner of an Opus Prize (2014), Juno Award (2013) and a Felix (2013)
ACD 22648

Bach – La Passion selon St Jean (2012)

Guest conductor: Alexander Weiman, avec Les Voix baroques Nominated at the 2012 Opus Gala and at the 2012 ADISQ Gala

C.P.E. Bach—Symphonies & Concertos (2010)

Guest conductor: Gary Cooper, harpsichord
EMCCD 7771

Haydn—La Passione (2009)

Guest conductor: Gary Cooper, harpsichord
EMCCD 7769

Telemann— Les trésors cachés (2007)

Guest conductor: Jaap ter Linden
EMCCD 7766

Vivaldi—Chiaroscuro (2006)

with Mathieu Lussier, baroque bassoon

Faustina Bordoni—Visages d’une Prima Donna (2005)

Guest conductor: Monica Huggett, with Kimberly Barber, mezzo-soprano ; Jonathan Carle, baryton
MVCD 1172

Telemann, Tutti flauti ! (2005)

Guest conductor : Jaap ter Linden, with Matthias Maute and Sophie Larivière, recorder ; Claire Guimond and Mika Putterman, baroque flute
EMCCD 7763

Maria, Madre di Dio (2003)

Guest conductor: Monica Huggett, with Agnès Mellon, soprano and Matthew White, alto
EMCCD 7757

2004 Record of the year (Opus Magazine, Toronto)

Handel—Love Duets (2002)

Guest conductor: Stephen Stubbs, with Suzie LeBlanc, soprano, Daniel Taylor, countertenor
ACD 22260

Bach—Suite et concertos (2001)

Guest conductor: Jaap ter Linden

Nominated at the 2002 Opus Gala

Suites concertantes (2001)

Guest conductor: Barthold Kuijken
ACD 2225

Handel—Sacred Arias (2000)

with Daniel Taylor, countertenor
ACD 2 2222

Jean-Marie Leclair—Concertos (1998)

with Monica Huggett, baroque violin ; Claire Guimond, baroque flute
ACD2 2143

O’Carolan’s Harp (1997)

Siobhan McDonnall, harp
MAR 195

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier—Les Quatre Saisons (1997)

With Isabelle Desrochers, Hervé Lamy and Max van Egmond
MVCD 1098

Un concert en Nouvelle-France (1995)

with Richard Duguay, tenor
MVCD 1081

Mythologie Quatre cantates françaises (1994)

with Danièle Forget, soprano
FL2 3018

Musique de chambre baroque avec flûte à bec (1990)

with Marion Verbruggen, recorder

Conversations en musique—Musique de chambre du XVIIIe siècle

with Susie Napper, viola da gamba
FL2 3078

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