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Calendar of Online Concerts




Arion is filming all of its concerts for the 2020-2021 season, whether they are given with or without an audience. The video recording is available online several days after the concert and for a period of three weeks.

Pre-recording purchase:

It is possible to purchase the concerts online before they are recorded (before the live concert date). A secure link and a password will then be sent via email once the video recording is available (around 7 days after the live concert). Please refer to the Calendar of Online Concerts at the bottom of the page for information on the dates of the recording and uploading. 

The video recordings are published on the platform Vimeo and protected by passwords. 

Post-recording purchase:

If you purchase the concerts while the video recording is available, you automatically receive a Vimeo link and your password via email along with the confirmation message (open the file in attachment).

Program notes :

We are glad to provide you all with program notes for the online concerts. Please go on the concerts page to access them. Enjoy reading! 


Purchase and Costs : 

Click on the desired price option. You will be directed to the page where you will be able to proceed with the purchase of the ticket(s). 


Subscriptions to Online Concerts

2 concerts (5% price reduction)

3 concerts (10% price reduction) - unavailable  67.54$
4 concerts (15% price reduction) - unavailable 85.04$
5 concerts (20% price reduction) - unavailable 100.03$

Online Concerts - Signle Tickets

General Admission 25$

The prices listed above include taxes and all pertaining charges. 


Calendar of Online Concerts:

Click on the concert image for more details. Subject to change without notice.






Is the concert presented live?

The concert is NOT presented live. The concert was recorded beforehand. Therefore, you can watch it at the moment you like, for as long as the recording is available (see the calendar above).


What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a public video platform. It is very similar to Youtube. It is not required that you create an account to watch the concerts. Arion has chosen this platform for its absence of commercials and for a concert experience without interruption.


Why am I hearing an audience?

The concerts are recorded before an audience (if permitted), which is why it is likely to hear ambient noises.


Can I watch the concert on my television?

If you have a device which allows you to do this (for example: Apple TV, Chromecast or a SmartTV), it is entirely possible to watch the concert on your television. If you experience difficulties with your devices, we ask you to contact the manufacturers.     


Here are some helpful webpages for the most commonly used devices:

Apple TV (AirPlay)


Android with Google Home

Amazon Fire TV

Écran miroire avec la télévision intelligente de Samsung


I didn’t receive my link, what do I do?

First thing, check if the concert is indeed available online (see the calendar above).

If so, make sure that the email sent by Arion Baroque isn’t in your spam folder.

If you still haven’t received the message, please call the box office: 514-355-1825.


What is the refund policy?

No refunds.

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